SUP Squatch

Sup Squatch! This giant Stand up Paddle board is for everyone! From family fun, days out with your friends on the water, Birthdays or any parties, even extreme Ocean rider! Get all your mates together and spend a whole morning riding wave after wave. We will provide everything, delivered to any suitable Sunshine Coast beach of your choice, including a friendly Qualified SUP instructor to assist you and give you valuable riding and safety tips. To ensure your safety we will also provide a rescue vessel. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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SUPSquatch River

Get the family together and spend some time paddling around the beautiful Mooloolah River
Up to 12+ people (subject to maximum weight)

2 hours $ 350.00

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SUPSquatch Ocean

If you’re in to the extreme side of life, get your mates together for some wave catching madness!
Up to 10 paddlers at once but no limits as to the number of participants, so get 10,20,30 or 100 and ride the best waves all morning.

7 days week morning only any suitable Sunshine Coast beach.

All gears provided, including rescue craft, qualified instructor and delivery
All morning $ 1200.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you SupSquatch?

The Mooloolah River is the perfect spot to fool around. We will launch your giant board from our private pontoon, all your friends and family can relax on the deck at The Wharf Tavern. They’ll enjoy watching the display of antics you provide them with and after a couple of hours you’ll be able to join them for some well deserved, refreshing drinks.

How many people can take part?

12+ people can ride the SupSquatch, however bigger groups can share and lighter people can cozy up. You will need a minimum of 4 people to operate this giant board, but numbers will always be subject to your abilities and wind conditions on the day. So call us to discuss any requirements.