Flying Adventures

If you enjoy bird’s eye views of the beautiful Sunshine Coast you have come to the right place. Takeoff and landing on water should be on everyone’s bucket list, the exclusive Seaplane is the ultimate option, or consider soaring in “The Cadillac of the sky” where you have the option of a tailored flight over the coast line and Hinterland, or for all those thrill seeker after an exhilarating experience, the Yak 52 Fighter plane will get your adrenalin pumping as it barrel rolls through the sky. Whatever sky adventure you seek, we guarantee you will be given an experience you will treasure forever.


3 passengers
(Maroochy River)

River Adventure: $149.00 pp
(Twin Share, minimum 2 pax)
(10 min flight, 35 min experience)

Ultimate Coastline Experience: $225.00 pp
(Twin Share, minimum 2 pax)
(20 min flight, 45 min experience)

North Shore Adventure: $299.00 pp
(Twin Share, minimum 2 pax)
(30 min flight, 55 min experience)

Surf Patrol: $525.00 pp
(Twin Share, minimum 2 pax)
(60 min flight time, 85 min experience)

Double Island Experience: $649.00 pp
(Twin Share, minimum 2 pax)
(70 min flight, 95 min experience)



2 passengers
(Caloundra Airport)

Beautiful Caloundra Beaches              20min    $298pp twin share (allow 60 minutes)

Caloundra Classic to Mooloolaba        30min    $398pp twin share (allow 60 minutes)

Coast to Crocs                                         35min    $498pp twin share (allow 60 minutes)

Glasshouse Gazing                                  40min    $598pp twin share (allow 60 minutes)

Maleny Magic (Caloundra to Noosa)      50min   $798pp twin share (allow 60 minutes)

Ultimate Noosa Seafari                             60min   $998pp twin share (allow 60 minutes)

Super YMF5c Open cockpit; wingovers, barrel rolls, loops, stall turns

Intro Aerobatics                                          25min    $365pp twin share (25 min approx)

Wild Waco Sunshine Coast                       60min    $498pp twin share (25 min approx)

Waco 1

Aerobatic Flight

1 passenger
(Caloundra Airport)


Ultimate Aerobatic Flight: $490.00 pp
20 min flight

Ground Combat Attack: $540.00 pp
30 min flight

Coastline Flight: $540.00 pp
40 min flight

Scenic Coastal Flight: $440.00 pp
20 min flight

Warbird 4


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